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No credit vetting required.


The R1599 once-off amount includes the fibre installation & router. You can then select any of the below uncapped speeds of 20, 50, 100 or 200Mbps with Uncapped data (valid for 30 days from when your fibre service has been installed & activated). The Uncapped bundle will be additional to the R1599 once-off amount.

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Enjoy hours of surfing the internet without having the hasssles of being commited to a contract.

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Installation within 5-7 working days after electronic approval.


Unlimited streaming of movies, videos , gaming and music.


Vodacom Pre-Paid Fibre data is up to 12 times cheaper than on your mobile contract.


Enhance your children’s education by utilizing the education portals.

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*The data bundle is valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Your Pre-paid fibre service will become inactive once the data bundle has expired (after 30 days usage). Your prepaid fibre service will auto-delete if no data bundle is purchased within 90 days after your prepaid fibre service has become inactive.

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Step 2

Click on the download application button below, (MAKE SURE THE FORM IS DOWNLOADED, DO NOT FILL IT IN ON YOUR WEB BROWSER). Once filled in, press the submit button on the application form to send it to or whatsapp to 0827893225 for processing.

Once we have received your completed application form, we will load the Pre-Paid Fibre order, and you will receive an email from Vodacom asking you to do the electronic approval. Kindly follow the steps in the email to electronically approve your Fibre sales order.

Step 3


A once-off promotional service activation fee of R1599 + the first 30 day uncapped bundle cost is payable via payment gateway using a debit or credit card. This forms part of the electronic approval process.

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Step 6
Step 4
Step 5

As soon as your order is placed the order will be sent to the Vodacom Fibre scheduling team.

Your order will fall into a queue with the scheduling team and they should contact you within 5-7 working days to arrange for installation.

Vodacom's contractor will install your fibre cable and router. This typically takes about 3-4 hours. Once they are done, they will wait for provisioning and once that is done, you are connected!

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To Top-Up Your Pre-Paid Fibre Service, scan the QR Code with your mobile phone or Click The Link below:

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