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Vodacom Fibre data is up to 24 times cheaper than on your mobile contract.

Unlimited streaming of movies, videos , gaming and music.

First Month free on LTE Interim Access. Delivery within 3 working days (T&C’s apply).

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Enhance your children’s education by utilizing the education portals.

Telephone Calls up to 70% cheaper over Fibre.

Showmax Optional.

Remain connected with a free 5GB LTE backup dongle if the fibre goes down.

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Work from Home
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Fill in the below form.

Once filled in, please send it to

This will then be sent to us to process.

Once we have received the form, we will send you an email within 1-2 working days with all the relevant information and forms

As soon as your order is placed and vetting is approved, the order will be sent to the infrastructure provider

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Your order will fall into a queue with the infrastructure provider and they should contact you within 2-4 weeks for installation.

Once the infrastructure provider has installed the fibre, they will notify Vodacom, who will then contact you for router installation.

Vodacom will install your router. This typically takes about 3-4 hours. Once they are done, they will wait for provisioning and once that is done, you are connected!

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