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Vodacom Enterprise Business

Please contact us at with your address and requirements, and we will do a feasibility check for you to determine what infrastructure is available at your business.

Business Internet Fibre (from R649pm)

Business Fibre is the new superfast, reliable way to the Internet. A business
requires stable upload and download speeds, scalability, and reliability to pave
the way to the digital era. Vodacom’s Business Fibre plans provide the high-speed,
secure fixed line access that your business needs. Choose from dynamic or static
IP addresses (see next page for definition), uncapped plans, symmetrical upload
and download speeds, and various optional value add-ons such as Microsoft
Office 365, Video conferencing solutions, Connect and additional voice and
hosting services to complete your office connection.

Business Fibre offers wireless connectivity and is fully installed with a router that
includes, USB and telephony ports.

One Net Business

What is One Net Business?

One Net Business is a leading range of all-in-one cellphone, landline and video-conferencing solutions for your business.

Vodacom One Net Business provides enhanced Unified Communications features and functionality that will integrate your fixed and mobile telephony services and lines, offering a true convergence experience.


Why choose One Net Business?


Vodacom One Net Business provides a simple solution for companies struggling with the cost and inefficiency of missed phone calls and complex mobile and landline phone systems. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it enables flexible working within a pay-as-you-grow model.

Benefits to your business

Vodacom's One Net Business services provides all the benefits of:

• Voice

• Instant messaging and presence

• Video collaboration

• Content sharing through a single platform

• A range of IP phones and soft clients that will enhance the fixed and mobile converged experience

You Get:

• Free installation on selected plans
• Free LTE while you wait (should waiting apply. Offer valid up to 3 months)
• Free back up over LTE for the duration of the contract
• Speeds of up to 100Mbps
• Symmetrical bandwidths on Vodacom Premium and third-party network service plans
• Dynamic and Static IP addresses
• Voice enabled
• Optional fixed line

Business Connect

Business Connect is an uncapped, uncontended, unshaped,
managed, and business-grade Internet service (with router) over the
most feasible of our multiple access mediums. The service is
packaged with a FREE wireless interim service that converts to your
FREE backup service once the primary access medium is installed
and includes a standard SLA with guaranteed availability and
uptime. The FREE backup solution is capped at 100GB but can be
upgraded or topped up at standard data rates.

You get:
• Uncapped, uncontended and unshaped*
• No AUP/FUP limits, no throttling regardless of bandwidth usage
• Managed service offering a standard SLA
• A Business grade Huawei AR router fully installed
• AR Routers accommodates up to 50 concurrent Wi-Fi sessions
• Upgrade to a higher specification router at an additional charge
• 5 static public IP addresses provisioned by default
• FREE LTE Backup capped at 100GB**

Broadband Connect (LTE for Business)

​​Business LTE (also known as 4G) offers a faster and more efficient data network for small- and medium-sized businesses, and with speeds up to three times faster than 3G, it provides reduced network delay for business activities such as video conferencing  and has  Voice capabilities.

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