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You might have seen different pricing for the same packages. The reason for this is that there are different Fibre Infrastructure Providers (eg. Vumatel, Frogfoot, Openserve, etc.) in different areas and they determine the pricing.

The ISP rents the line from the Fibre Provider in your area and provides you with data to be able to get connected.


If you sign up, you will need to provide RICA documents, please make sure to have a Copy of ID (May need to be certified), and Proof Of Address no older than 3 months.

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  • One of the top rated internet service providers in South Africa.

  • Great Service.

  • No fair usage policies on most infrastructure providers.

  • Fibre, LTE, Business Fibre, VOIP, Web Hosting and many more additional services.

  • User friendly sign-up.

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Step 3
Step 2

Place the pin on the roof of your  home.

If the address is not correct, don't worry, you will confirm that later (if you are struggling, watch the above video)

Select your package.

Scroll to the right to see all your packages, then click on the SELECT button, then on the Order Now button

Fill in your personal details.

Once you have pressed the Order Now button, please proceed with the steps to fill in your details.

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Step 6
Step 4
Step 5

Upload your Documents
Press the "Fix Rica" button to upload the following:
Certified Copy of ID
Proof Of Address
Proof of Banking

Once you have placed your order, please send us your order number / quote number / account number so we can track your order.
Send it to

The order will then be submitted to your infrastructure provider who will contact within 2-4 weeks to arrange for installation. After this, Vox will install your router. Congratulations!


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