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Promotion terms and conditions - Get 30 days FREE
uncapped internet today!

  • The offer is only valid for new fibre end-users on the Openserve network. End-users with existing Openserve fibre broadband services are excluded.

  • It applies to end-users already within the Openserve fibre broadband footprint with no current Openserve fibre broadband service (does not include pre-order areas).

  • Only one promo service per address will be allowed.

  • The campaign will apply only to broadband end-users who place a fibre by completing your info here

  • The offer will provide free internet usage for 30 days, upon installation of the service.

  • Once the service has been activated, Openserve will provide vFibre/Multi Automation, which have been nominated by the end-user, with the contact and address information for vFibre/Multi Automation to approach the end-user to offer a permanent broadband package.

  • The end-user shall enter contact and address information and must select a preferred ISP.

  • The offer will be limited to one speed (50/25Mbps) only. 

  • End-users will be notified via SMS:

    • At installation, stating the date when the free internet trial starts and when it ends.

    • 7 days before the free trial expires.

    • The day when the trial period of 30 days ends.

  • The Openserve fibre broadband service, including the WiFi-enabled device, will be installed free of charge.

  • The WiFi-enabled device stays the property of Openserve and may not be removed.

  • The end-user to provide the technician with the location where the WiFi-enabled device needs to be installed.

  • The end-user to provide 220V AC socket to power the WiFi-enabled device.

  • During the campaign the end-user may approach an ISP of his choice to order a suitable new fibre broadband service.

  • Depending on the choice of fibre broadband service with your chosen ISP, your ISP may install additional equipment at your address.

  • By applying for a free campaign service, the end-user agrees that they may be contacted by an ISP(s) during or after the campaign.

  • Once an order is received for a new fibre service from your chosen ISP, the promo service (if still active) will be terminated, and the new service will immediately be provisioned.

  • Openserve will endeavour to ensure seamless transition from the free uncapped internet offer to your ordered ISP offer, however, there may possibly be downtime experienced for a short period.

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